Dr. Matthew May

830 Menlo Avenue, Ste. 210, Menlo Park, CA 94025


Dial 911 on your telephone, using a land-line if possible.
If this is not an option, go to your nearest Emergency Department.

Urgent Situations:  (Current Patients Only)

To schedule or re-schedule an urgent appointment (less then 48 hours away) please text or call my cell phone:  650-515-0202

Non-Urgent Situations:

Schedule an appointment Online
Dial my office phone:  650-566-1212


There is ample parking in the lot behind the building (you can enter from either Crane Street or Evelyn Street).  Parking is also available on Menlo Avenue (limited to 2 hours during business hours on weekdays).


The office is on the second floor and there is no elevator for wheelchair access, so please make Dr. May aware if you have accessibility needs so he can work with you to make treatment possible and comfortable.

Public Transportation

My office is a ten-minute walk from the Menlo Park CalTrain Station (Zone 3, 1120 Merrill Street, Menlo Park, CA).  For information call:  800-660-4287

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